ESEA Autumn 2023 Semifinals: The Witchers vs Spirit Academy Showdown

The Witchers and Spirit Academy teams face off in the ESEA Autumn 2023 Cash Cup 5 semifinals with high stakes on Anubis, Overpass, and Mirage maps.

ESEA The Witchers Spirit Academy Anubis Overpass Mirage

In the thrilling confrontation at the ESEA Autumn 2023 Cash Cup 5, the semifinals kicked off with a competition between The Witchers and Spirit Academy teams. The battle for the final promises to be intense as both teams have high hopes for victory. The maps that will serve as the arena for their meeting include Anubis by Spirit Academy, Overpass by The Witchers, and the concluding Mirage, which may become decisive in this series. Players from both teams are ready for battle and eager to prove their advantage in this defining match.

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